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State Regulations, Internal & External Contracts

State & Government Registrations and Regulations

- Registration of your business in your state, county and/or city 

- Registration of a Doing Business As (DBA) name if you operate under a different name

- Registration with a Regulatory or Administrative Agency (if required)

- Registration with the IRS and/or with the Employment Board (if you have employees)

-  Registration of trademarks and patents with USPTO and copyrights with USCO (optional)

Internal Contracts


- Internal operating agreements among founders and board members

- Agreements with Investors, banks or capital contributors (if any)

- Employee contracts covering scope, terms, compensation, rights, policies, etc.

-  Intern and contractor contracts covering scope, terms, compensation, rights and policies

- Shareholder and equity agreements covering rights, voting, management, equity, etc.

External Contracts


- Contracts with clients and customers in relation to scope, terms, rights, remedies, IP, etc.

- Agreements with coaches, marketers, strategists, consultants, and agencies

- Work-For-Hire agreements with freelancers, photographers, content developers, etc.

- Contracts with software developers, website designers, and technology firms

- Licensing agreements, joint venture contracts, M&A, and strategic alliances

Pay Attention To Your IP

Your business is your "baby".

Protect it from all sides

Your Business, Your Legacy.

It's about leaving your footprint behind.

Ensure it stays there and does not erode away.

There Is Too Much At Stake.

Your kids' future.
Your goals and dreams.
Your marriage and finances.
Your ability to pay bills.
Your hard work and sacrifices.
Your bank accounts.
Your vehicles and assets.
Your investments.
Your mental & physical health.

Take the time and effort to ensure your business and your family are protected from all sides.


Don't Operate Without A Plan.

There are so many "things" that can go wrong in your business. 

Having processed over 5,000 bankruptcy, restructuring and liquidation cases, we have a deep understanding of WHY businesses fail. 

This experience enables us to formulate business, legal and growth strategies that extend to all areas of your business, because everything is connected. 

The legal entity that you form determines your overall business model.

Your business model determines your marketing and advertising models.

The success of your marketing campaigns depends on how you brand yourself.

All the resources you create and leverage to brand and market yourself are your assets and trade secrets.

You use technology to manage, operate, advertise, streamline and expand your business.

Everything contained “in” your business, and “around it” are your Intellectual Property.

So - be organized, be strategic, and be planned.

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