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This package starts at $3500 which includes customization of the following contracts for your business:

  1. Business and trademark name strategies 
  2. An Internal Operating Agreement
  3. A Client or Customer Agreement
  4. An IP Protection Plan™ Framework
  5. Software Development Agreement
  6. Online Terms & Conditions
  7. A Technology Licensing Contract
  8. An End-User Licensing Terms
  9. A Vendor, Supplier & Retailer Agreement
  10. A Licensing Agreement
  11. A Joint Venture Contract


  1. The final cost or price of your legal contracts depends on the complexity of your business and the additional resources that will be dedicated to protecting your business
  2. We are going to be as transparent as possible with you during the process, so you can allocate your resources in an efficient and planned manner
  3. In rare situations, we offer flexible payment options that may stretch the package over a few months, which many small business owners and entrepreneurs seem to appreciate
  4. We will try to predict and mitigate risks and conflicts for your business to the highest level possible, but we do not have a crystal ball, and cannot predict every single event that may occur in your business
  5. We will offer a full refund of your payment if we find that we are not a good fit after the initial meeting.